Maximize Productivity and Build A Dynamic Workforce with Retail Staff Management Feature

Do you want to know how your team is doing when you're not watching? You can maximize productivity by identifying key areas where your employees are proficient and where there is room for improvement. Your employees tell a lot about the culture and environment of your restaurant. This makes controlling your staff a critical yet challenging task. Our POS system is here to make managing your staff a lot easier. The retail staff management feature will provide you a more comfortable working environment. You will easily manage to track, schedule the ordering process of your employees.

Create your customized retail staff management and scheduling tool

Track the performance of your employees using a retail staff management tool. Easily assign monthly, daily, or weekly sales targets for each staff member and track how they are performing based on the assigned tasks. At the same time, access a list of employees and calculate the cost of labor. With the help of security, tools prevent any loss and pilferage — gain control over the performance, wages, and working hours of employees.

Benefits of Retail Staff Management Tool

Track Staff Members

Gain access to the performance of each member and manage their work efficiently

Communicate Easily

Gain instant communication with your employees using in-app messaging

Control Effectively

Create a personal account and manage the information of each server

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