A 365 Degree View of All Your Operational Activities with Retail Reporting Tool

You can benefit from the historical data of your business in the successful decision-making process. This data gives you insights about how best to manage employees, ensure customer satisfaction, and more. Sygnio POS system offers you retail reporting tools to get detailed live reports, which will help you make thoughtful decisions about your business.

Get your live reports anytime, anywhere.

The best thing about live reports and retail reporting tools is that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Your business data can be accessed from any device. The real-time data will be available to you whenever you need them, even when offline.

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Retail/Live reporting
Sygnio POS

How It Works

Our advanced retail reporting tools analyze your stock, employee performance, and customer experience to offer you real business optimizations. You can quickly build your analytical reports to get an insight into staff performance. What’s more, you get to know about what products bring more profit to your business. A wide range of filters will help you to narrow down features and identify problem areas quickly.

Get to your loyal customers and what they are buying from you. Effectively manage your inventory with retail reporting tool. See your stock and inventory levels to make sure that you are always well-stocked. Our POS system ensures that your data is safe in the cloud so that you can get live reports whenever you want from any device.

Our Benefits

Lightweight reporting

Access your data from anywhere - our mobile-friendly dashboard will display how your business is performing with easy to understand charts. You will identify which areas need more work and what are the essential trends.

Reliable data entry

Breakdown reports - apply a wide variety of filters to understand the needs of your customers, current trends, and staff performance.

See visible trends

Get more sales insights - detailed sales reports will increase the performance of your brand, suppliers, collections, and product categories. You will be able to store metrics.

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