Manage Stock Like an Expert with Retail Inventory Management Feature

With the help of our retail inventory management system, get detailed insight into your stock size. When you are out of stock, get quick notifications to minimize inventory delays. With the help of CSV file importing feature, easily migrate your products from an old point of sale to an online store. Build different product lines featuring various colors, sizes, or other variations. Or combine products to create an entirely new and fascinating product like gift boxes. Use your existing product barcodes or create new ones. Quickly sell products, purchase supplier returns, orders, or stock-take with Bluetooth or USB barcode scanner.

Retail Inventory management on your Fingertips

Categorize and group your products by their name, supplier, type, SKU, brand, supplier code, and more with retail inventory management tool. Quickly build reports, coordinate online store collections, and perform inventory checks. Build your own single central product catalog and synchronize your products across different channels to erase double entries and other errors. Create a copy of the product with one click and make changes before delivering a new product, to eliminate the need for similar products.

Sygnio POS

How it works

Take control of your products, whether you have thousands or just one SKU. Do not waste time on stock orders, manage everything quickly with the help of CSV uploads; or scan product barcodes to manage stock orders quickly. If you face low stock levels, make automatic stock orders. Avoid excess or too little stock inventory. Quickly note and return unsold, damaged, or faulty items to suppliers.

Retail Inventory Management Sygnio

Our Benefits

Create Automated Promotions

Simplify your promotions using our POS software. Enter the maximum or minimum purchase amount and add an automatic end date.

Manage Store Discounts

If you are running different promotions, our retail inventory management software will help you to make the process easier. You will apply product discounts for every channel.

Apply Custom Pricing

Create different pricing policies for different customer groups, your important customers, or your staff.

Customize Taxes

Handle your taxes for different states, cities, or countries.

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