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Our team consists of experienced retail workers, managers, and technical experts to offer the best retail POS Support. Our experience in the retail industry, combined with specialized knowledge, will go a long way in helping you run your business smoothly. Our 24/7 customer support service is there to help you if you ever face any issues.

24/7 POS Support Service For All Kinds Of Queries

Our friendly support team are available to answer questions or concerns on multiple channels. You can write an email with your questions and problems to get assistance from our experienced support team. We have team members coming from the retail industry; therefore, we understand your everyday challenges. You can quickly call us anytime without worrying about additional payments.

Or find us on social media and join our community to communicate with people who can make a change. We are always available to reply to your messages instantly. Plus, our Help Center contains many helpful articles that can provide solutions to your everyday POS problem. Do not hesitate to read those articles, watching video tutorials, and training whenever you have a problem.

Retail Customer Support
Retail Customer Support

How It Works

In case you face a problem, you can get a quick resolution via Help Center. If you cannot solve the problem here, just send us a message with screenshots to the retail POS support team from different online channels. Our technical team is on standby 24/7 so that you can call if you need immediate assistance. We provide account setup, ongoing training, POS system installations, and hardware configuration. Our experts also can help you with add-ons, accounting, warehousing, and staffing.

Our Benefits

Independent Sources

Get all the latest retail tips and trends in the retail industry with our free resources such as e-books, free tutorials, retail expert webinars, and blogs.

Hardware Fixes

Our retail POS support team is always available to solve your complicated hardware problems.


Secure your data with daily and automatic backups.

Meet-ups and retailer events

Get a chance to join our useful workshops or meet-ups to follow the trends and meet with our partners.

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