Get To Know Your Customers Better with Retail CRM

Sygnio POS system is feature-packed with an up to date customer relationship management tool to enhance customer relationships. The loyalty features in the tool make your customers feel special and keeps them coming back. The retail CRM tool will help you build a customer database and grow your business with the help of our customer loyalty program. Customers will sign up onto your platform, join loyalty programs, and interact with you. You can easily access those customers through marketing strategies and turn them into loyal clients.

Restaurant CRM

Improve Customer Relationships

Offer regular discounts and promotions to your most loyal customers. Create a customer group containing VIP customers and apply different pricing policies for them - or use the group to manage staff privileges and sales operations. Export target customer’s info to your email marketing tool and maintain a central retail CRM database. Sync their purchase history no matter in which shop they are making a purchase. Instead of refunds, offer your customers store credit to keep them coming back.

Hardware security meets software flexibility.
Retail CRM

How It Works

Create customer accounts and manage them by adding all relevant information. Automatically store their data under profiles and view all the details of the exact customer profile, including account balance, purchase history, and loyalty. Accept different payment methods and track customer balances. Save customer data instantly during the checkout process and build a retail CRM database. Use existing customer account to charge for the orders.

Our Benefits

Bring New Customers

Help your customers to promote your business. Provide gift cards and let your customers spread the word about your business.

Increase Your Profit

Reward loyal customers by tracking their purchase history and account data.

Know Your Top Customers

Get to know who is your valuable customers and how they spend their money.

Get All The Control

Offer custom rates for specific products or provide loyalty rates for all products.