Driving Efficiency and Growth for Fashion Retailers with Apparel POS System

Sygnio’s apparel POS software is an all-in-one retail solution for fashion stores. We combine fast payment with effective stock management and live reporting to help drive efficiency and growth to your business.


Retail Payment Processing Solutions

Our retail payment processing solutions bring speed and accuracy to your business. Sygnio’s apparel POS software ensures that payments are processed swiftly, bringing greater efficiency to the checkout process. The software is compatible with all major debit and credit cards, and even with advanced payment technologies such as touchless options and phone-pay options.

The apparel POS solution aims to enhance the accuracy of operations as an additional benefit as it eliminates human errors like double-entries. Say good-bye to manual entries with Sygnio apparel POS to speed up the process and deliver better customer experience.

Staff management

Keep your staff organized to make your customers happier. We provide you all the features needed to make better decisions and lower overhead expenses. Managers can track work hours and attendance of employees to ensure seamless customer assistance. What's more, our system allows you to integrate commissions for particular products or as a percentage of sales for your employees.

You can keep a tab on the busiest times during the day to ensure employee numbers are maintained or reduce workers during idle times. Effective retail staff management will keep your staff organized and deliver customers the service they look forward to.


Inventory/Stock management

Successful apparel retail inventory management requires keeping an eye on inventory management at all times. You need to bring new items every season and tag, layaway, or sometimes discount them. Monitoring stock levels or tracking unit costs and margins is a challenging task, but only in the absence of Sygnio’s apparel POS software. Our solution allows managers to view items based on quality, such as color or size.

By setting low-stock alerts, they are instantly notified about potential stock-outs, too. Managing stock issues from A to Z takes only a few clicks with Sygnio’s support by your side. Let Sygnio’s apparel POS bring you the conveniences that you need to advance your management with all-in-one solutions.

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