Advanced Retail POS System That Gets You Ahead

Sygnio retail POS system lets you efficiently manage, sell, and grow your retail business. Our POS system for retail brings together retail sales, storefront, and back-office on one platform. Get your retail POS software and make complex tasks simple.

Inventory Management

  • Simplified Inventory Management

    Never runout of essential store items - download live reports on current inventory and update inventory levels when stocks get low.

  • Inventory Anytime-Anywhere

    Manage your inventory from anywhere. Simply sign into you Sygnio retail POS system and accessing your dashboard from a handheld device or your PC.

  • Regular Stock Alerts

    Receive a daily stock alert email detailing items that are low or out—so you always know how much you have in stock.

Staff Management

  • Easy Team Tracking

    Track employee working hours, including overtime and double time. Get a bird's eye view of which employees are putting in the longest hours and who aren't just from your retail POS system.

  • Convenient Clock-in

    Your employees can clock in and out of shifts with ease. You get access to all break timing and time optimizations with a view of when each employee last worked.

  • Smart Scheduling

    Know how to staff your store during peak times and your slowest business hours. Analyze employee performance to see who sells the most, and when your business is the busiest from your retail POS software.


  • Customize Your Reports

    Customize your sales reports to easily see how your store/s are performing, what products are making you the most money, and discover who your top sales people are.

  • Understand Customers Better

    Get to know your most loyal customers, how much they spend at your store, and what they’re enjoy purchasing.

  • Advanced Tools for Greater Useability

    Use a wide range of variables and filters of retail POS software to get to the bottom of things, and help you identify trends or problem areas that need attention.

Payment Processing Solution

Sygnio retail POS software allows your business to accept all primary payment methods, including cards, phone-pay, and checks. Our secure, reliable, and fast payment processing cut-down on wait times. The option to choose multiple payment methods results in low processing rates to help you and your customers save money. Sygnio offers you a retail POS system that will fit perfectly to your specific business needs.

Customer Relationship Management

Increase customer satisfaction, improve the performance of your company, and reduce costs with a dynamic customer relationship management feature. Sygnio retail POS system helps you analyze relationships with individual customers and increases brand loyalty. Sygnio collects specific data so that you can customize your service to different customer groups. Adjust your business strategies based on CRM data and apply them to suit your customers better.

24/7 Support

Creating customer support to meet the demands of various customers can be tough. Sygnio retail POS system values the importance of excellent customer satisfaction with an in-built feature that lets you manage customers effectively. Our retail POS software will ensure that whenever your customers interact with your business, they will get the support they need. Sygnio retail POS system allows you to create customer profiles to get to know them better. Bring together all the data from different locations and process this data effectively. The more you know about your clients, the easier it will be to deliver the service they need.

Sygnio Hardware

Choose the best hardware package that complements your existing set-up. Sygnio retail POS system provides all the flexibility your business needs. If you are using another POS, Sygnio will work with your current barcode scanner, printer, and cash drawer. You can get the plug and play support for barcode scanners, printers, and cash drawers you so desire.

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