Increase Efficiency and Deliver Your Guests Unmatched Service with Restaurant Table Management System

Sygnio POS has been designed specifically for restaurant businesses and includes all the required features for the restaurant table management. With the unique restaurant table management feature, waiting staff can quickly build a floor table plan, take orders, manage all sections of your restaurant, and manage parties.

Table Management

Additionally, the floor plan builder tool helps in adding or removing tables, or making changes to the floor plan in an instant. With the help of third-party floor plan editors, you can also manage customized floor plans. In other words, while working with Sygnio POS restaurant table management system, you will experience the easiness you always wished to have.

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Improved Service

Restaurant Table Management feature allows waiting staff to spend less time in the ordering process and more time with customers

Mobile Payment

Easiness in the Management

Managers can carry an iPad themselves to every corner of the restaurant and still manage the floor plan

Mobile Payment

Reduced Errors

Restaurant Table Management feature gives you complete control over all restaurant functions

How Does It Work?

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