Deliver the Fastest Service with Quick Service POS System

Sygnio’s Quick Service POS System brings enhanced efficiency to your business. Fast service without confusion and error is possible now with Sygnio by your side.

Sygnio POS

Increase Sales with our Quick Service POS System

The competition is fierce in the restaurant industry. Any tool to reduce the waiting time in the queue and increase sales is the dream partner of managers. Sygnio team tapped this need of restaurants and built Quick Service POS System. We pride our POS solutions for high-speed performance, which means more revenue for every minute of service.

Our system increase sales by mobile hardware to take orders on the waiting line and moves the queue faster. Plus, smart upselling tools such as pop-ups or suggestion of high-margin items raise the average ticket value for your business. Promotions like discounts are also easy to set up on hardware to drive more sales.

Provide faster and better service

Working fast can be a nightmare without a planned system and integrated POS solutions. Our software allows operations to happen at a glance without any errors in orders. Plus, the system diminishes the confusion among staff members in busy times with its user-friendly interface. After a short training, each employee will master the Quick Service POS System of Sygnio.

Your customers enjoy smooth service as a result of high-speed performance without errors. Plus, our extensive inventory management ensures that you serve the food whenever your customers order without facing stock-out issues. With our support, fast and improved service is easy to achieve.

Smooth your workflow

Running a restaurant requires an extensive focus on many operations- customer care, the quality of food, inventory management, or accurate financial transactions. Without a reliable tool, controlling all those activities becomes impossible. So, our Quick Service restaurant POS system integrates front staff with the kitchen and allows managers to track each activity. Activities flow smoothly as communication errors decrease with the help of Sygnio’s POS solutions.

Plus, the system facilitates inventory management. Employees enjoy monitoring inventory levels to avoid stock-outs and minimize waste. By improving communication, coordination, and control, Sygnio retail POS system ensure a smooth workflow without error and delays.

Sygnio POS
Sygnio POS

Fast payments with Quick Service POS System

Streamline payments is a way to improve customer experience and increase revenue for your business. Our POS solutions support any payment option, including major credit and debit card and more recent advancements such as contactless technologies. Plus, Sygnio’s Quick Service POS Solution ensures that there is no double-entry or any other human mistake even when the restaurant is working in full capacity.

We do not only guarantee fast service; we ensure that Quick Service restaurant POS software is attainable with minimum error potential. Keep your clients happy with smooth and speedy transactions while taking your business to the next level.

Get live reports

Quick Service POS System supports informed decision-making with remarkable insights.

  • Build your customized reports to filter the high-value items, frequent customers and best-performing employees

  • Use a broad range of tools and variables to drilling down into the data, find trends or identify

  • Categorize your customers by analyzing their average spending and items they like. Create loyalty programs and marketing campaigns targeting specific categories

  • Manage the inventory levels more efficiently and avoid stock-outs by checking the products available with one tap

  • Access the reports 24/7, no matter your location, with the help of the cloud-based Quick Service POS system. Make well-informed decisions with live reports of your business.