You can categorize menu items, divide them into groups, and subgroups with all the detailed information. With Sygnio Menu Management, you will find it very easy to track orders and the preparation process.

Menu Management

Increase Profit

Increase sales by adding colorful and visual images of menu items before selling them to customers.

Improve Customer Experience

Schedule automatic menus and promotions to training service staff in no time.

Decrease Costs

Easily control menu items and respond to low stock alerts quickly with the help of Menu management feature.

Create Your Menu

Easily build, edit, and add your menu with a simple touch interface.

Keep Customers

Keep your customers happy by updating the menu and add varieties anytime and anywhere you desire by a simple touch with menu management feature.

Route Orders

With simple interface set default printers or edit printer properties.

Offer Options to Customers

Allow customers to make modifications to their orders.