Make Data-Driven Decisions Quickly with Restaurant Reporting Feature

Your restaurant has data that can be used to improve business operations. Sygnio POS system offers advanced analytical tools to help you leverage this data in the best possible way. With built in restaurant reporting and analysis feature, you can make decisions backed by strong data. These live reports and analytical tools can be accessed on any device and at any time. Paying attention to live reports will help you to save thousands of dollars and considerable time.

Customize Menu Items Based on Live Restaurant Reporting

Now you can access orders by table, amount, name, date, and much more. Find out items that are best sellers. Based on the restaurant reporting, create and manage multiple menu categories. Figure out what things are not selling and how you can make your menu more profitable.

Without the use of POS analytical tools, you might think that the best selling items in your restaurant are the most profitable one. However, in reality, that might not be the case. On the other hand, analytical reports will demonstrate several low selling items that have potential. Simply highlight products on your menu that are more profitable and focus your sales on these items.

How It Works?

Build customized restaurant reports and get a complete picture of how your restaurant is performing. Figure out what items on your menu are the best sellers and which ones need more promotion. Use different filters and variables to get detailed insight from live restaurant reporting and analysis software. Know about loyal customers and see what they are buying from your restaurant.

Our Benefits

Increase Profit

Detect the profit margin of a specific menu item so that you can decide whether you need to remove it or keep it.

Improve Customer Service

Understand your customers and improve services by making changes to your delivery strategies with restaurant reporting and analytics.

Make Accurate Decisions

A custodial wallet for individuals and businesses, with institutional-grade security, 24/7 account access.

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