Full Service Restaurant POS System Built for Speed and Efficiency

Running a restaurant can be a labor of love. To help you along the way, Sygnio has built software that anticipates problems and solves them beforehand. With Sygnio Full Service restaurant POS system, your business enjoys fast service, easy management, and improved customer experience.

Sygnio POS

Increase Sales

To bring more revenue to your restaurant, the Sygnio team dedicated time and effort to include special features to your Full Service restaurant POS system. With the smart upsell tools such as pop-ups or visual menus, you can rest assured that the average ticket size gets increased. Plus, our software allows managers to track the orders of customers and implement loyalty programs such as discounts to drive customer retention.

Taking orders and informing the kitchen takes only a few seconds in our system. In this way, we ensure no customer will leave the floor for delayed service. We undertake the task of increasing profits for your business as soon as you choose to partner with Sygnio.

Provide better service

Sygnio’s POS system for full service restaurants offers multiple features to provide improved service. With the help of mobile payment processors, clients will make transactions wherever they want. Restaurant interface function allows managers to optimize space, arrange tables, and take orders in a few clicks.

High-speed operations, reduced errors, and a better-managed inventory system ensure that customers have a smooth experience. Any restaurant using Sygnio’s POS solutions leave their clients pleased and guarantee that they keep coming back for more.

Sygnio POS
Sygnio POS

Take tableside orders

Activities in a restaurant business happen at a blistering pace. With the Tableside ordering function built for speed, taking orders will be as quick as a flash. Sygnio’s tableside ordering system improves the accuracy of orders and speeds the service up. It allows clients to add items on order with one click. In addition, the system splits or joins bills in a few seconds.

Tableside ordering solution boosts the sales of high-margin offerings with the help of pop-up modifiers suggesting extra items. Such upsell features, together with visual menus, ensure increased revenue for your restaurant.

Manage tables easily

Sygnio’s Full Service restaurant POS system brings all the features you need for managing tables efficiently. Our system allows you to layout restaurant floor design visually, take or move orders, and distribute items, seats, or entire layout within seconds. Restaurant table management has never been so simple with Sygnio’s Full Service restaurant POS system. Restaurant managers enjoy the abundance of benefits with our solutions.

They spend less time on POS and interact with customers while they manage the floor. Even during the busiest seasons, our system aids them to reduce errors and confusion. Sygnio offers you flexibility, mobility, easy management and an increasing stream of revenues- all you can dream for your business.

Sygnio POS
Sygnio POS

Manage staff easily

Whether working directly with the customers or in the kitchen, managing the staff members is not an easy piece of cake. So, Sygnio added Staff Management feature to its Full Service restaurant POS system to help restaurants to monitor and control employees. With our solutions, managers will be able to track the clock-in or clock-outs, overtime, and labor cost of each member.

Customization is possible, which can restrict the operations available to some employees, such as deleting a menu item. Additionally, managers can input payroll details and calculate the wages in seconds. Our system also ensures safety within the restaurant by dismissing any likelihood of theft. Logins or log-outs from the POS system is only possible with PIN or QR code.

Manage your inventory

Managing inventory becomes a nightmare for restaurants in the busiest times. Running out of supply in the midst of the service delays the process and leaves customers unsatisfied. Luckily, Sygnio created a solution that deals with inventory issues once and for all. With our restaurant inventory management function, managers can quickly build the list of ingredients, their cost, and the unit.

After associating the ingredient list with the recipes, the system will automatically keep track of inventory. We also ensure that staff is aware of stock levels by in-service alerts. Sygnio’s Full-Service restaurant POS Software will keep you informed and ensure that inventory levels will not throw you off-balance.

Sygnio POS

Get live reports

We understand. Management is a challenging task. Keeping an eye on every employee, monitoring the transactions, and maintaining successful customer relations- it is a burdensome process with many different requirements. So, the Sygnio team decided to assist you by providing real-time reports whenever and wherever you want.

With the help of cloud reporting solutions, managers can access live restaurant reporting and analytics at any time to make better-informed decisions. We do our best to keep you aware of operations by providing reports in a few seconds. Enjoy the possibilities that Sygnio brings to your management.

Transform your business by Integrating Sygnio Solutions to its Hardware

Sygnio’s Full-Service restaurant POS system also provides you an opportunity to purchase Sygnio hardware. With our hardware, the whole system works in synergy to increase efficiency. Plus, it is cloud-based, which ensures access anywhere you want.

Sygnio POS

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