Manage Customers and Build Personalized Experiences with Restaurant CRM System

Restaurant CRM
Restaurant CRM

Create long-lasting relationships with Restaurant CRM System

With Restaurant CRM feature in Sygnio’s POS system, every transaction is an opportunity to build lasting relationships with your customers. Loyalty features included in the software package make your customers feel valued with a desire to keep coming back for more. Customers can sign up to your platform, join loyalty programs of their liking, and interact with you. You can easily access those customers through marketing strategies and make them your loyal clients.

Benefits of Restaurant CRM System

Increase Profit

Reward your customers by tracking their orders and account data.

Improve Service

Keep information about the favorite food of each client to serve faster.

Apply Business Intelligence

Use Restaurant CRM System’s purchase history data of your loyal customers to apply promotions and discounts.

How it works?

Mobile Payment

Create Customer Account

Add and manage customer account with all detailed information.

Mobile Payment

Control Customer Balance

Accept different payment methodologies and track customer balance.

Mobile Payment

Benefit From Collected Data

Use existing customer account to charge for the orders with the help of Restaurant CRM.

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