Pour on the Profits with Enhanced Bar Operations

Running a bar is all about providing a refreshing experience. Your bar POS system should not ruin the party. To keep pace with the lively atmosphere, we build the fastest bar POS system for limitless orders!


Increase Sales with Bar POS System

You strive to keep your business lucrative. Why should not a POS solution support your goal? Sygnio provides you a comprehensive bar POS system for bar to increase sales immediately. We promise you a smart system to manage promotions effortlessly. Attract more customers and keep them coming back for more by offering happy hours and limited-time deals. Do not worry about the technical part; we are ready to take care of transactions and ensure their accuracy. Plus, our Bar POS system works with a single tap. Taking orders and switching among several tabs takes only a few seconds. So, fast serving features and upselling techniques of our solutions bring you more and more sales.

Provide Better Customer Relations

Customers need a full experience no matter they stand at the bar or sit on the terrace. They want bartenders to talk to them and the staff to provide suggestions. It is great to build customer relations by chatting. However, when during the busiest times of the week, it is easy to lose track of operations. The last thing a bar manager wants is failing control of orders or payments. Hence, our system is designed to finalize the activities in a few taps. As a result, the staff gets more time to maintain customer relations. Plus, our bar POS system allows you to enter customer details so that you can create loyalty programs and special discounts tailored to the characteristics of each client.


Get Live Reports

Do you need to purchase more tequila or vodka? Which one sells faster? When is the highest demand for drinks? Sygnio’s Bar POS System comes with a built-in reporting function that answers all those questions and more. Our system assists you in making decisions driven by data, no matter of time and place. With the help of the cloud-based solutions, managers can access any data even when they are not at the venue. You can decide when to bring more staff members or run promotions effortlessly to ensure an increasing streamline of revenues. Our POS system for bar make confident decision-making possible every single time.

Fast Payments

Client satisfaction also passes through quick service POS system. Customers need to pay with an option they want and wherever they wish. Considering these requirements, the Sygnio team created a mobile solution that processes payments faster than ever.

Customers can also use any method they want, including credit and debit cards or more advanced options such as contactless payments. In just a few seconds, our bar POS system finalizes payments, and your staff enjoys extra time for creating a unique experience for clients.

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