Restaurant POS System Built with Your
Establishment in Mind

Sygnio’s all-in-one restaurant POS system is explicitly designed in keeping with the needs of restaurants of all types and sizes. The easy to use-versatile restaurant POS software is your dedicated platform for point of sale, reporting, digital ordering, and employee management.

Menu Management

  • Set Item Prices Appropriately

    Menu planning feature allows you to adjust prices easily, so you can respond to fluctuating costs and maintain a steady profit margin.

  • Happy Customers Always

    Your restaurant’s great food makes customers happy. Ensure they stay happy by updating the menu often for accuracy and variety.

  • Keep Staff Informed

    Updating your official menu frequently helps ensure all staff members are informed about your current offerings.

Table Management

  • Visual Table Layouts

    Replicate your restaurant floor plan on your restaurant POS system for increased efficiency. Assign orders to seats to make meal distribution effortless.

  • Simple Multiple Payments

    Split the bill evenly, by item, or manually input bill amounts for each card. Revel allows you to provide your customers flexible payment options.

  • Timely Table Notifications

    Keep your floor staff updated with regular table notifications. This will help you manage tables when there is a high frequency of customer.

Tableside Ordering

  • Streamline Service Delivery

    Ensure guests don’t experience service gaps from the moment they arrive at their table. Easily identify what stage of service each table is in with color coded timers.

  • Reservation and Waitlist Management

    Maintain an accurate view of your restaurant waitlist and reservations on your restaurant POS system.

  • Effortless Table Transfers

    Change tables on guest demand and with ease whenever the need arises. You can transfer order ownership from one waiter and table to another in a jiffy.

Staff Management

A restaurant is only as good as the staff working for it. Sygnio restaurant POS system can help your staff work smarter and more efficiently. It allows restaurateurs to create a detailed working plan for each member of your staff. Your team can easily access the information that’s assigned to them. So, no matter how crazy things get in the kitchen, Sygnio restaurant POS software will always keep things under control and ensure your staff stays efficient.

Report Analytics - Inform Decision

Getting to grips with what's happening can help restaurateurs make snappy real-time decisions. These decisions very often have major consequences on a restaurant's daily activities, which can impact long-term growth. Sygnio’s restaurant POS system reports can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and from any device. What’s more, the reports can be made available in a number of reporting tools like XLs, data graphs/charts, and more.

Customer Satisfaction

Sygnio is your one-stop solution for all your restaurant software needs. From fine dining establishments, quick-service and fast-casual restaurants, small business cafes and bakeries, and everything in between - Sygnio provides restaurant POS software for all concepts and environments. Our dedicated team is proficient at designing POS solutions that streamline operations and help bring in more smiles per table. At Sygnio, we strive to understand each of our customer’s unique business needs and deliver best-fit solutions with agility and lower total cost of ownership.

Invested In Your Success

Sygnio has been designed to help restaurateurs optimize operations and progressively grow their business. Regardless of whether you are new to the industry, or have years of experience in the restaurant business, Sygnio’s team is dedicated to helping increase efficiency, while making the most of every resource at your disposal.

Easy Integration

Sygnio guarantees that you seamlessly integrate to the new restaurant POS system without facing technical roadblocks. Our technical team is adept in foreseeing issues and fixing them before they become a pain in the future.

Menu Adjustment

Adjusting your menu to a new restaurant POS system can be a scary proposition. Well, not anymore. Sygnio’s intuitive UI and easy navigation means that migrating to your new POS will be a breeze. The impressive layout is sure to impress even the most impassive patron.

Optimal Security

We understand that your name is your most valuable asset. We take considerable measures to ensure that you and your clients’ data stays safe from possible breaches.

What do you own?

Sygnio Hardware

Sygnio gives your restaurant business state-of-the-art hardware package that provides all the flexibility your company needs to ensure efficiency. Whatever your business requirements may be Sygnio has your back to make your restaurant run smoother. You can look forward to speeding up your inventory management and business transactions.

To help you get started, we provide you with a range of tutorials, articles, and guides that make migrating to new systems easy and seamless. Our 24/7 customer support team is there to answer any of your questions in case you find yourself unable to move forward.

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