The List of Restaurant POS Systems to Watch in 2020

The options you have to consider in this list of restaurant POS systems are many. However, you can only use one POS system at a time.

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If you want to manage a successful restaurant, you need to have overseen and organize many different moving parts. From accounting to cooking, there are challenging tasks you have to discharge right to make sure everything runs smoothly. As such, this article compiles a list of restaurant POS systems that can help you streamline your operations. 

Provided you can make the right choice of this list of restaurant POS systems; you can accomplish the following:

  • Ensure effective cash flow management all year round
  • Customize sales and expenses reports
  • Smoothen and quicken billing and checkout process for both your customers and staff
  • Minimize human error 
  • Tracking changing levels of inventory and avoid stock shortages
  • Accept different modes of payments
  • Increase customer retention through multiple loyalty programs
  • Integrate with different third-party services such as reservations and online ordering
  • Monitor employee productivity and performance
  • Offer real-time table management in your restaurant’s layout 

The list goes on because there are no limitations to the things you accomplish once you get the right restaurant POS system for your business. Businesses that figure out the right choice for their clientele and staff admit that they do not only save time but also exceed the expectations of their customers. 

It’s a world of possibilities once you secure a top POS solution from one of the entries in the list of restaurant POS systems below. 

List of Restaurant POS Systems to Watch

The POS industry has several options for restauranteurs to choose their best fit. The responsibility lies with you to determine the need of your restaurant and find a system that’s designed to meet those specific needs. We advise businesses to take the following factors into consideration when making a choice: 

  • Technical knowledge required
  • Ease of use
  • List of integrations
  • Customer and technical support available

Also, as you’ll observe from this restaurant POS systems list, the pricing makes a significant difference. Hence, it plays a significant role in the final decision many restaurants make. Like or not, you may find the perfect POS system, but if its pricing model will negatively affect your bottom line, then you’re in a losing game. Therefore, you want to ensure your final choice favors your business in the long run. 

Here, we’ve curated a list of restaurant POS systems that are the most distinguished in the industry. Below, you’ll find features of the best POS systems and matching price tags. In addition, all the names mentioned in the list are worth checking out. However, you want to ensure that you’re either in the retail or restaurant industry below you take a closer look at any of the POS systems mentioned in the list below.   


list of restaurant pos systems - sygnio

Sygnio tops the list of restaurant POS systems for many significant reasons. This POS system boasts of multiple advantages because it is among some of the few points of solutions built solely for the challenges of running a restaurant. Sygnio’s versatile POS system promises streamlined operations, intuitive and easy-to-use interface and a flexible pricing model. The latter is particularly important since it is the target to meet the needs of new, small and established restaurants alike. 

The software integrates readily with third-party systems for better employee and inventory management, among many others. Also, you get 24/7 customer support provided you encounter any technical difficulties during use. Although such incidences are rare, the developers of Sygnio ensure all users have any questions and issues resolved in a satisfactory and timely manner. With Sygnio, you can get a customized restaurant POS app for both your tablets and other portable or mobile devices. 

If you want a restaurant POS system that offers modern and forward-thinking solutions, with sophisticated features help you boost revenue, then Sygnio is your best pick. 


This is another industry favorite. TouchBistro’s POS system offers two types of systems for customers to pick the best fit depending on their specific needs. Restaurants, breweries, nightclubs, and bars get the full-service program. On the other hand, cafes, bakeries, food trucks, and fast-food services find the quick-serve option ideal for their needs. 

Irrespective of the types of food service business you have, TouchBistro offers you convenience and an easy-to-use platform that runs smoothly on Apple’s iPads. With it’s sleek and friendly design, this tablet POS system offers multiple features geared toward helping you and your staff over the best possible customer service. It only takes a click of a button to have access to all the stored data since TouchBistro is also a cloud-based POS system. 

It’s hard to see how you can go wrong with this choice

Upserve POS

The former name is Upserve was Breadcrumb, as such, many full-service restaurants still call it by that name to date. You can easily implement Upserve in your restaurant. This system comes complete with a dedicated success manager, personalized onboarding, 24/7/365 in-house customer rep team based in the U.S., and expert level on-site installation service. 

Your staff will find this option more comfortable to work with because it also comes with item hold, training mode, check split and many more. Also, it includes features like online order management, inventory, customer and employee management among several others. 

Furthermore, you can integrate the Upserve system with other services such as Tock, GrubHub, and Rezi. Sure, it’s the only option in this list of restaurant POS systems that offers this. However, it’s worth noting nonetheless. 


Toast is a great fit for any restaurant that wants to streamline their payment and ordering process. The entire system runs on custom Android tablets. Hence, Toast is completely a mobile POS system. As such, it can enable your services to spend more time with your customers with their portable tablets. This is much more preferable than staff spending all their time making entries behind a computer while your guests await service. 

Also, you can enable table-side ordering with Toast. These features also accept payments right by the table-side to help boost your servicing time and increase the efficiency of your staff. 

Revel Systems

restaurant pos systems list

If you want to easily incorporate features such as loyalty programs, gift cards, online ordering, and discounts, then the Revel POS system is a good fit for you. The system has all these features inbuilt by the manufacturers. Also, it service management teams that are in charge of restaurants at multiple locations very well. 

With its real-time reporting features, you can get information on the performance of all your locations sent directly to your smartphone. You become more empowered to make informed decisions when you choose Revel from this list of restaurant POS systems. 

The remaining but certainly on the least restaurant POS systems you want to pay particular attention to in this year and beyond include the following:


  • Square for Restaurants
  • Shopkeep
  • Harbortouch
  • Rezku POS
  • Clover
  • Lightspeed
  • Future POS
  • Cake POS
  • Loyverse
  • NCR Silver
  • Lavu
  • Positouch
  • Bartab
  • TillPoint
  • A&B POS Solutions


The options you have to consider in this list of restaurant POS systems are many. However, you can only use one POS system at a time for your restaurant. Hence, you want to ensure that it’s the best restaurant POS system available. Therefore, the best choice is to choose one that tops the list and covers all the factors like credit card processing for fast payments and offers durable POS hardware. These factors are necessary to excel in today’s competitive restaurant industry. 

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