Mobile POS: Ipad and Android POS System Comparison

The iPad POS system receives as many updates as the android. However, the dates of these updates cannot exactly be predicted by users.

Tracy Taylor
Tracy Taylor | 3 years ago | POS System
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The Foodservice industry and several other industries are embracing cloud-based POS systems, to the detriment of the traditional point of sales options. This is mainly because of the many benefits that cloud systems provide like increased mobility within the premises of the restaurant, especially with you happen to be using an iPad POS system. Handheld POS systems generally offer access to remote data and come with frequent upgrades through software updates. 

Therefore it’s clear why restaurant managers and many retailers would prefer them over their traditional counterparts. To add to all this benefit, they also present users with the opportunity to increase guest interactions and improve the overall efficiency of restaurant management efforts. Hence, many retailers and restaurateurs find themselves turning to the mobile POS market. 

However, things can get complicated in this market due to the sea of options presented to them. Generally, the choice is to choose between an iPad POS system or an Android POS system. Naturally, many business owners gravitate toward popular opinion which may either be the iPad based system due to the popularity of the Apple brand with the consumer population. 

Depending on the company you keep, you may prefer Android-based systems as well. However, as a business owner, you need to look beyond the general perception of consumer products and ask yourself: Can I make the best choice for my business solely based on popular opinion? 

Whatever mobile POS system you choose, it has to be able to give you the flexibility and durability needed to keep your business running smoothly. Also, it should offer you the ability to streamline management in a cost-effective manner. 

Flexibility and the Mobile POS System 

Irrespective of the similarity in business plan, model and management, no two businesses are completely the same. From concept, core values to the people who work within the establishment, the number customizations your business needs might surprise you. 

Even then, these customizations might not be enough to fully maximize all aspects of operations. For instance, you might need a very flexible POS system to achieve the perfect restaurant seating arrangement in your restaurant and not overexert your staff. This is a great example because if you know anything about the restaurant industry, you probably agree that the slightest delay could alter the guest experience tremendously. 

Therefore, a truly influential mobile POS system is one that favors the kind of customization that your specific business needs to get things done right. Whether this is an iPad POS system or not, you need to be certain your choice is capable of adapting to the changing needs of your business. This adaptability enables you to keep your customers happy as they can always expect you to remain in control of any surprises or challenges that come up during a business transaction. 

Hence, every business must be unique in the approach to the selection of mobile point of sale if it was to remain competitive. This is why flexibility is so important for both the iPad POS system and its Android counterpart. The same goes for durability, and take to better understand how these two options compare, let’s take a look at an in-depth analysis of their operations. 

IPad POS System vs. Android POS System

iPad pos system

Have you ever wondered how the iPad POS system would compare to Android POS system? Below are four important features that help us better understand the distinctions in the way these two systems fair against each other. 

#1 Frequent Software Updates

It’s undeniably true that irrespective of which platform you choose, you will receive regular update releases for your system. The iPad POS system receives as many updates as the android. However, the dates of these updates cannot exactly be predicted by users. Usually, users who would put their iPad POS systems on auto-update would receive updates the moment developers released them into the cloud. 

This happens to a major advantage of using a cloud-based POS system. The autonomy peace of mind that comes with knowing that your Android or iPad POS system will release the latest security updates and features surely helps you focus on other aspects of your business like restaurant entertainment and hiring which might be the strong suit of any POS system. 

Also, one main difference between the iPad and Android POS system is that every version iOS has to go through more checks and tests before it is released on the Apple App Store. Hence, it is safer and less likely to contain bugs and software glitches. Sure, you get the update a bit later as compared with the Android POS system. However, it is a trade-off. 

What does this mean for your business?

Both platforms are known to release updates with minor issues in the past. Often, you may receive emails from your POS vendor warning against the installation of a new OS release. Whatever be the case, you need to consider the big picture when making such decisions. One of such considerations still remains the looks at the customization features that either option presents you. 

#2 User Customization for Better Experience

Both Android and Apple are popular with users for different reasons. Android users generally choose this operating system due to its openness and developer-friendly features. These help Android POS systems provide a lot of software and app intensive customization features. 

On the other hand, Apple is well known for premium designs, great usability of software and hardware products, and user-friendly interfaces. Therefore, at the end of the day, an iPad POS system takes these core features of Apple’s system and delivers the best possible experience for users. Which translates into great service to your customers too. 

Therefore, if you prefer a more open system if its pros and cons or a simple and closed system that offers the best experience, the choice remains with you. However, you may have to make this decision early since it may influence the effectiveness of your business plan in the long run. 

#3 Affordable & Durable Hardware

iPad pos system

As earlier mentioned, the most popular options may not always be the best for your business. Because, irrespective of which system in your home or personal life, chances are, you don’t use your personal gadgets to implement sophisticated business ideas daily. Therefore, your decision to use an android or iPad POS system shouldn’t be based on your household choice. 

Also, for those in the restaurant industry, you may have to deal with challenges like intense hit and the probability of dropping your mobile POS systems. As a result, it makes perfect sense to go for the most durable and affordable system instead of going for the sleekest looking. Apple is generally known for its sleek designs and impeccable user experience. However, this doesn’t mean you want the worse piece of hardware either, especially if you have to use this to take orders and serve your guests. 

Therefore, you have to choose the middle ground. Which of these makes more difference for your business and makes the most impact with your guests. There are certain customers who appreciate the finest and class of even the minutest details of your business. From the art handing on the wall to the way your staff is dressed, all these create an impression which influences the perception customers have of your brand. 

Therefore, as much as affordability is important when choosing a mobile POS system, the best place to begin your consideration is from the perspective of your customers, because they are the ones you are restaurant marketing your services to. If the iPad POS system is ideal for your customer, then that’s the best choice for your business. 


Ultimately, neither the iPad POS system or the android based point of sale is inherently bad for your business. Both options do great when considering aspects of restaurant and retail POS system essential to successfully managing operations. You only need to determine which of these two serves your best interest, and this begins by asking the good questions. What are some of the questions you ask yourself before choosing a mobile POS system? We’d like to know in the comments section below. 

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