How To Choose The Best POS System For Salon Businesses

If you are interested in taking your business forward, we recommend the best POS system for your salon business.

Mario Lawson
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Businesses that make money by helping clients look great and feel the gorgeous need to project the same images in every aspect of their operations. Therefore, outdated technology and electronic clutter do not promote your brand as a modern salon business. That’s why the best POS system for a salon can make such a significant difference. 

However, setting up a POS system for salons may not always be a walk in the park. That’s if you’re interested in getting the best point of sale solution for your establishment. There are several valid reasons why it might be more challenging to choose the best POS system for salon management. You need to pay particular attention to factors like hardware design and details of software installations. All must work and look great. 

Despite this fact, you don’t want to select your ideal system solely based on looks. You need to think about the kind of software you need seriously. Whether it has to have customer relationship management, timekeeping features, and inventory management functions, it seems obvious; however, many businesses choose POS systems that leave them without the essential features they need. 

What is a salon POS system?

This is a point of sale system designed and built specifically for helping salon businesses run smoother by cutting costs, increasing cash flow management, and delivering better customer experience. Many small businesses rely on traditional management systems to keep their operations streamlined. However, with the right tools the technology offers today, the difference becomes as clear as light and day. 

Therefore, we recommend making a list of the essential features you need for incredible returns. 

6 Essential POS Features for Your Salon


It’s essential that your system takes little or no time to work around. The functionalities wouldn’t be complete without the ease of use that’s supposed to come along with the best POS system for salon business. Hence, you and your employees need to process and complete your transaction quickly, then checkout your clients with a few clicks. 

For businesses that serve lots of repeat customers, it’s better to choose a modern POS system that comes with a CRM that’s integrated. With this, you can track essential customer metrics like customer preferences and habits. You will collect enough data to make product recommendations, plan better marketing promotions, and other incentives to drive the business forward. 

You can even manage client appointments and other purchases. 

Printed Promotions

best pos system for salon

It’s not every day you get the opportunity to operate a receipt printer to create scheduled printed promotions for free through cloud-based software. With the best POS system for salon businesses, you get the full scale of cloud technology behind the growth of your business. With this feature, salon owners can manage their marketing efforts remotely with custom promotions. 

You won’t be surprised when your customer base increases, and you retain your loyal customers when you provide incentives like gift card advertising and other printed promotional packages made possible by the POS systems. 

Employee Management

The essence of good employee management cannot be emphasized enough in today’s business world. Labor costs are through the roof. Therefore, business owners need to do all they can to engage in smarter employee management. And the best POS system for salon businesses does just that for your salon. 

With the right software, you can schedule employees for work, duplicate previous employee schedules, monitor hours worked, and swap employee shifts. Also, you can assess the peak hours of your business and make informed decisions about your labor needs. Hence, you save lots of money, labor costs, and boost the customer experience at your establishment. 

Depending on the POS software you choose, the best employee management feature gives you a vantage point of view. From here, you see all the employees working for you, how much they are getting paid, the specific tasks they discharge, and many more. 

Inventory and Sales Reporting

Many salon and retail POS systems enable users to see inventory and sales information in real-time. This way, you can remain aware of how your business is performing financially. This feature tells you more than your sales features. It also comes with a variety of reporting options. You can get the reports on sales based on employee shifts, year, month week, day, and even though to the hour. 

The advantage of generating such sales reports helps retailers and salon owners identify which product lines and styles are performing well. Also, you get to identify and markdown the product lines that aren’t so good performing. Hence, you get to keep all the top-selling items in full stock, so you never run out. 


For the best POS system for salon businesses, you need to get the best possible looks too. After all, it’s your business to make others look great, so don’t be surprised if your hardware and software need to look the part. Otherwise, you’ll find out the hard way that appearances do count in the salon industry. For this reason, you can’t have outdated hardware and software lying around. Or worse, having wires hanging all over the place. 

Remember, the checkout is where customers make their final stop before leaving your establishment. Hence, beautifully designed hardware with world-class software for fast transactions leaves a lasting and positive impression. This way, your clients remember you and their good experience. 

Inventory Control

best pos system for salon

Running a business consists of several different moving parts. To say it can be challenging is an understatement. Therefore you need all the help you can get to keep everything under control, especially the small business inventory management. The best POS system for salon businesses can help your salon better manage inventory levels. 

Using the best salon POS system can also help you save wasted time that you usually spend searching for items in your stock. Therefore, you need to choose the kind of system that has the best inventory control functionalities. Considering multi-location businesses that run multiple warehousing, the best salon POS for salon can help you identify which locations have the products available and the ones that are out of stock. 

Furthermore, you can keep a tab on your shipments and suppliers from all over the world. It doesn’t matter how big or small your salon really is; the best salon POS system can make a lot of difference. 

Essential Hardware

The following are some of the essential hardware your salon will need installed to complete your modern point of sale set up. 


The term “salon quality” has changed in meaning over the years. Today it means more than a beauty parlor; it stands for top of the line quality. Therefore, you need to insist on the same standards when choosing your point of sale system. That’s why the best POS system for salon businesses is what we recommend for our readers. If you are interested in taking your business forward, then it is time you get started with Sygnio. A system that’s purpose-built to bring a lasting solution to all salon business. Dealing with difficult customers will be easier by using this pos system because it meets the unique business needs of the industry and ensures that you provide top-notch customer service. 

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