Cost-Friendly Ideas for Fun-filled Restaurant Entertainment

What if we told you that restaurant entertainment doesn’t have to be so costly? It’s effortless to add some fun to your restaurant.

Mario Lawson
Mario Lawson | 3 years, 1 month ago | Restaurant
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The food business has become very competitive lately. Just good food doesn’t cut it anymore. Everyone seems to have the Ratatouille rat in their chef’s hat. So, what do you do to make your restaurant the best and most preferable? Aesthetics always play a huge role – how interactive is your restaurant? What makes people spend more and more of their time there? What makes it their absolute favorite place? Your restaurant entertainment value also determines how far you’ll go in this battle of tastes.  

Not every business can host a separate wine-tasting event or put up fancy stage performances. Moreover, these are not activities in which you can invest regularly. Such hosting requires massive investments, and growing businesses aim at being as efficient as possible. What if we told you that restaurant entertainment doesn’t have to be so costly? It’s effortless to add some fun to your restaurant. We’ll let you know how to go about it with our restaurant entertainment ideas.

The Cheapest of the Cheap  

Who said that fun only comes with extravagance? These are ways to get your customers busy with each other or with you. This segment is a treasure of creative ideas that you can put to practical use. Mix and match these activities, and you can transform your restaurant completely. Who knows that by the end of this segment, you too come up with unique propositions!

Board Games to the Rescue 

Everyone loves board games. There’s no better way for your customers to wait for their food than by playing a good old scrabble game. This recreational activity can make time pass incredibly faster, so they don’t feel bored. You can slip in a pack of UNO on the tables and have them occupied. It will also make them stick around longer and crave extra cups of coffee!

Pop-Quiz Rounds 

Imagine having a lucky quiz hour for your restaurant. Exciting! You can have as many teams as the occupied tables. People can form instant connections with those in their vicinity and chat-up. This way, you can create a great buzz in your café. Just offer a discount or special food item to the team that wins. You can have popular themes for quizzes. If it’s the Super Bowl season, you can have that as the theme and ask trivia. The tradition can be organized on a bigger scale on certain days too. Market it a little, and you will be the buzz of your area in no time.

The No-phone Rule 

You don’t have to snatch their phones and put them under lock and key. Just challenge your customers not to use their phones while eating at all. In the end, you can offer them a discount for appreciation. This rule can spark lasting conversations on your tables and what’s a conversation without some great coffee? Get ready to comply with extra coffee requests to pour in.

Stand-up Comedy + Food = Happy Meals 

restaurant entertainment

It doesn’t have to be a pro who charges heavily to put up a performance. Are you bored of managing the café and want recreation for yourself too? Well, you can step up and try your hand at dad-jokes at the stage. Encourage like-minded employees to join you and soon, the customers will chip in too. You can host a comedy night once a week or stage a performance during rush hours.  

Hog it All 

After the no-phone challenge, you can host food-eating contests. It’s simple. If they can finish that dish, you offer them a free drink. You can create a challenging task with a triple-decker burger that someone needs to devour on their own. Give them statistics – ‘only two people have been able to finish this in 12 years.’ Some restaurants even have Guinness book records for individual dishes that no one has been able to finish.  

Introducing the Chef 

A conversation with the chefs is a great way to not only get honest feedback but also a way for your customers to know you intimately. The chef can present the dish to the customers and discuss unique ingredients and interesting facts about that dish.

Budget-Friendly Restaurant Entertainment Ideas

All these ideas take more than just some small investments. Incorporate these to your restaurant entertainment strategy and see how your sales will shoot up instantly. You can transform any dull and dreary space to a lively one by employing a mix of these.

#1 A Local Musician’s Talent 

These days, local talent is not difficult to discover. You can endorse and appreciate art by inviting musicians to play for you. You can hire magicians too. This way, they get an audience to entertain and you find a way to enchant your customers!  

#2 Cozy Poetry Sessions 

On certain days, you can host poetry sessions. If yours is a café and you are looking forward to making it even cozier, there is nothing better than a small poetry session. Your customers can also participate if they feel like and you can do a breezy reading or two and create the perfect, warm atmosphere for your space. Poetry has an intimacy about it and can indeed bind people together.

#3 Games Corner 

restaurant entertainment

An arcade-game station can be set up in the restaurant. Kids will love this and stay occupied while the elders indulge in warm conversations over dinner or lunch. There can even be a separate play area for kids – a little space for fun and frolic so the elders can sit back, unwind, and have a cup of coffee. Make sure you baby-proof these areas. This small investment can go a long way for you.

#4 Booths for the Photo Enthusiasts 

If you didn’t post pictures to your social media handle, did you even go out at all? Social media marketing goes a long way for any business. It easily attracts lots of customers for you. Photo booths are fun, add to the aesthetics, and can be themed according to your restaurant. The set-up stays there and is one of the signature features of any restaurant.

#5 Books Corner for the Intellectuals 

Restaurant entertainment is all about personalizing your spaces and making them interactive for your customers. As we said, it’s not always essential to spend too much to facilitate fun times. Hosting wine tastings and concerts is not something you can do every day. However, if you add a section of books to your coffee shop, you will see how people stick to you. Create a borrowing system and you can create lasting bonds with the customers.

To never-ending entertainment...

These little tit-bits add to the restaurant entertainment value hugely. We hope that this segment was fun and inspiring for you. Restaurant entertainment comes in all shapes and sizes. Just experiment a bit, see what suits the vibe of your food place and what your customers seem to enjoy the most.

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