A Versatile Tablet POS System for Business Growth

All these factors culminate to make the tablet POS system an excellent fit for all the restaurants and retailer sellers alike.

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The ideal point of sale software should be cross-platform, bring inventory management, and customer loyalty solutions to users on the iPad, PC, Mac, and Android tablets. This way, owners can seamlessly manage and expand their businesses to multiple locations. In this regard, Sygnio brings it's versatile software to retail and restaurant businesses that are looking for a robust yet easy to use tablet POS system.

The tablet POS takes a customer-centric approach to POS processes and implementation. For these reasons, more POS touch screen monitors are finding their homes in hospitality, retail, and restaurant businesses. According to recent reports, North America imported about 4 million tablets to be used solely as POS systems in 2017. The trend is shifting from bulky traditional systems to their more portable counterparts. 

Why Trust Tablet POS System? 

Very few gadgets have become as ubiquitous as tablets among electronic consumer products worldwide. It's undeniable that since Apple released the first iPad in 2010, it's popularity among consumers has been increasing exponentially. Therefore, adopting a tablet POS system for small business isn't only a more affordable option but also a smarter choice because your consumers are already more familiar with the use of tablets. 

Also, the modern POS systems come with easy-to-use interfaces, and wireless hardware that offers significant mobility. All these factors culminate to make the tablet POS system an excellent fit for restaurants and retailers alike. Despite these facts, there are many different tablets and POS touchscreen monitors in the market. 

Therefore, investing in a tablet point of sale system, though a smart move, might require some knowledge to get things in order. Price plays a central role in the decision making process. However, you can only trust a POS system after you know all the different options at your disposal. There are proprietary tablets, iPads, and Android tablets in the POS market. These different categories present different levels of functionality, durability, affordability, and integrations. 

Furthermore, the point of sale software component that runs on these hardware options comes with its upsides and downsides. Hence, businesses trust different platforms, depending on the unique advantages they offer. Irrespective of which option you trust, your cash flow management, inventory control, and employee management are some of the principal functions you'll trust your tablet point sale system to discharge. 

Therefore, the need to carefully analyze each system performs these essential tasks. 

Advantages of the Tablet POS 

tablet pos system

Though large businesses around the world have embraced tablet POS, they are exceptions options for smaller businesses like retail stores and restaurants just starting a business. If you are an entrepreneur, you can add the tablet point of sale system to your checklist of things to buy. Some of the advantages are outlined below. 

Cost-Effective Modern POS solution

You only have to compare POS systems' prices to realize how cost-effective and affordable the tablet POS system is for your business. Apart from the main POS touchscreen monitors, other hardware features can affect the price point. 

Also, your overall cost can go up depending on the number of terminals you need. Not counting the additional features like employment and inventory management may lead to unexpected costs. 

Nevertheless, the tablet point of sale system remains more affordable than the traditional POS system while bringing modern features business owners cannot resist. 

Intelligent Data-backed Decisions

Business intelligence is a major driving force of competitive growth in today's marketplace. Hence, you need a system that can help you identify the major pain points of your customers and adequately address them. In this regard, the tablet POS system excels at delivering unique data processing features that enhance decision-making. 

With Sygnio's tablet point of sale system, you get to process real-time business data with the click of a button. Hence, enabling you to get updates on the state of affairs and change course accordingly. 

Modernized Customer Experience

Many wish to improve their customers' shopping experience but lack the tools and devices to help them achieve it. A growing business encounters several challenges; the lines get longer, the waiting time increases, and the number of employees increases. Thus, things can quickly get out of hand. However, with the right tablet point of sale system, you reduce checkout time, enable fast payment processing and product searches. 

You can glean insights from consumer behavior to deliver exceptional customer services that make your customers feel like royalty. Inevitably, the higher level of consumer satisfaction will bring direct positive results.

Robust Reporting Features

The power of analytics is no longer the sole domain of large supercomputers. The mobile and tablet devices of the modern POS system possess enough computing power to process complex data and produce enough insights to help you make data-backed decisions. 

With the Sygnio POS system's reporting features, you can check employee performance features and pull up sales data in a matter of seconds. Also, our itemized reports allow users to have a good idea of which products are generating the most sales and driving restaurant profit margins.

Supports Add-ons and Third-party Integrations

Depending on the kind of business you run, you may need to add third-party apps and services to your POS system. For this reason, we ensure our software supports major add-ons for retail and restaurant businesses. 

Also, integration with other platforms is a breeze. 

Reliable Customer Service and Technical Support 

The care and commitment top-quality services provide go before, during, and after the sale of products or services. Therefore, we ensure you get the most out of your system by ensuring you get all the help and support you need to use your tablet point of sale systems to their fullest. 

Essential Hardware for Tablet POS 

tablet pos system

Usually, POS systems are stationary when in use in many business settings. Therefore, you can find affordable, quality, and durable stands and cases either from your vendor or third-party suppliers. Also, you can buy a plethora of equipment and add-ons to maximize the use of your POS solution. 

Some of the essential hardware your tablet POS need to function at peak form include:

EMV card readers: Many countries have initiated the latest EMV standards. Thus, you need to ensure any POS, be it a tablet or not, is EMV compliant. Also, your system should be capable of processing payments from chip cards, especially if your customers are into high-priced items. 

Cash drawer: Despite the popularity of the cashless payment methods, cash is still the primary means of exchange. Thus, you can't overlook the cash drawer if you want to store cash securely. 

Barcode scanner: Typically, you want your tablet point of sale system to include a scanner, preferably a wireless barcode scanner. In some cases, you can get a built-in version that may or may not be located on your tablet's case or stand. 

Receipt printers: With the best tablet POS, you can email or text receipts to your customers. Nevertheless, a receipt printer remains a must-have in many modern business places and stores. 

Find Your Solution

Your search for an integrated business solution will take you across many platforms. However, it would be best if you never settled until you've tried Sygnio's tablet POS. Contact us today for a free trial or demo of one of the most versatile POS systems in operation in today's business world. 

Or, you can get started today with Sygnio's tablet POS system built purposefully for your retail or restaurant business.


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